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I'm not posting to this journal anymore

I've created a new journal and added the selected few from my friends list. This includes people who I speak to, and are active. Leave me a msg here if you still think we'll speak

new journal?

I've decided to start afresh and renew most of my accounts online.
So far;
x. Created a MySpace (I DON'T ADD ANYONE I DON'T KNOW OFFLINE before you ask)
x. last.fm

I'm starting a new deviantART, possibly making a flickr and livejournal.

Thing is, I don't know what I'd put on here. I think I'd use it as I did, put new art on it and that. I'd rarely probably use it as a journal, but nothing personal.
Another problem is finding a name, a couple of names are taken by inactive journals, ffs.

And no I'm not adding you all back.
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Why no, I don't really update this anymore :)
I do check my friends page though when I bother coming online.
I use MySpaz more often now days... wait...


I'm only adding people I know offline on there. So I don't have 378343 friends.

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Gigs coming up: Korpiklaani and Sonata Arctica (both in London, Camden is awesome) & Turisas in B'ham

Yeah I'm really really really into my metal music
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best to read this

Yeah I attended CoH a few months back, t'was awesome
(I can't resize! Photobucket won't work and my programs won't load)

Where to begin? You've probably noticed I've not been very active lately, as I said in my last post. I also saw a couple of posts from people on my list claiming they are fed up of people not commenting, friends cut and all that. Then bitching that people hadn't noticed, sorry I have a life offline or we no longer share interests.
So this is almost a friend cut from me as well, except I'm going to leave it up to you to tell me, and see how you notice my post. This isn't a popularity contest for me.
However there's a few people I would like to keep in contact with, hopefully they know who they are, including people with similar interests (particularly music!)

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My laptop crashed and barely works anymore, so I want to atleast try and save up some money to back-up my files. So.. hahah, don't expect me on much, ha
So my last.fm won't update, and I can't trade on metal_mp3

Gigs coming up! Bloodstock Open Air and Sonata Arctica. Anyone going? Leave me a msg :D
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Yeah I've been really busy for the past few months. I haven't been online much so I haven't been updating or commenting. I've had this journal for 5 years now!
Hope you've all been well though! Tell me how you've been.
The photo above is one of the reasons I've been spending more time with everyone offline <3. Not the best quality image, but you get the idea. My friend took it while we weren't concentrating, I thought it was cute.

Well to sum up the time... I've been to quite a few concerts (more than I last said planned, I'll try and scan photos). A few worth mentioning that I enjoyed: Blind Guardian, Turisas, Lordi, Children of Bodom, In Flames, Slayer, Firewind, Dragonforce, Trivium (twice more, hah, I don't even like them that much anymore), Iron Maiden, Deathstars, Cradle of Filth.
Me and my boyfriend are trying to save up for Wacken this year too :)

Deathstars, Dragonforce and Turisas


I also started college, I'm studying ND Photography.

Plus a German thrash metal band (Loco) have asked if they can use my artwork for their next album cover :D
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(no subject)

Today I met Trivium... again!
Here is me and Corey Beaulieu... again! :D hahaa
As usual, I look like a dork. I'm definitely not 'photogenic'.
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How did we meet?

Taken from phoeneko

Part of being on LJ is inevitably gaining a number of LJ buddies. Unfortunately, as time wears on, it's easy to forget where all of them came from. Post this in your journal and have your friends respond with how they recall first meeting you.

Also - I'd appreciate some recommendations to pass the time. Mainly books or websites.

I'm missing Wacken! ;____;

Next layout might be Ensiferum or Korpiklaani. Because viking/folk metal is amazing and I can't get enough.

I might edit this a lot more later.
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Jack & concerts later this year!

I don't normally buy toys. But how adorable!
It's a Skelanimal and it's name is Jack :D

And look what else I got -

Lordi ticket!

I'm losing all faith in ebay. I'm too scared in case I don't get them - so I went to the venue myself and got it. When I actually get the tickets I'll sell them again on ebay. I hope I get my Maiden tickets too, but they've sold out.

Blind Guardian are coming to London in September too! They're bringing out a new album too. So I should be going to see them :D

So yeah. you're in B'ham/London: (Blind Guardian), Lordi, The Unholy Alliance, Dragonforce, (Iron Maiden).
No festivals - cut a long story short - I tried and I'm still very angry about that.

I might go to The Unholy Alliance again in.. Cardiff for example. As (I think) dropthatgun and a friend I haven't seen in ages is going. But I don't know about that yet.. So yeah, I might go to a few more.

Yahh for random pictures! ha. So you recognise me, probably ? *shrugs*

EDIT I know I'm not going to get absolutely anywhere asking. BUT GUESS WHO IS STILL DESPERATELY LOOKING FOR MONEY?! I need to get to Germany dammit.
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