new hair colour

My new hair colour after all that the other night. The last two photos are outside so they look brighter. The colour actually looks even brighter/more red really.
No make-up and old clothes.
I purposely cropped out as much of my face as I could and took them on side view so you could see the hair more.
It feels weird though as I haven't had such a bright colour in ages though. I mean when I used to have magenta, 2-3 years ago ? I need to get used to it now though.

You should all send me money to get to Germany and go to Wacken this year, so I can see some amazing bands, have a good time and see abalorio, *nods*
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full view, resources and more information; here

I was tagged by _indigovertigo
Instructions: List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your livejournal along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to.
1. Tale of Revenge - Ensiferum
2. Avantasia - Avantasia
3. Unleash The Bastards - Municipal Waste
4. Rainmaker - Iron Maiden
5. Relinquished Destiny - Biomechanical
6. Don't Say A Word - Sonata Arctica
7. Forever Dead - Torture Killer (check out the cover for Sotajumala)

Oh yeah, right now.
If I tagged anyone they probably wouldn't notice and I hate choosing. So whoever wants to.
I normally don't post these either, but blah, I was updating anyway.


full view, resources and more information; here

I haven't posted these in my journal lately. So here you go! Well really because I couldn't use PS on my computer and it kept crashing. So Iwasn't even making any.. But I'm using the laptop :D I hope the colours and everything looks good on your monitors though. The screen/colour is really bright on this and I need to see how to fix it. Plus it won't show some images on the net :/
I'm quite proud of this considering I haven't made a new manipulation in ages.

I write posts, but post them late.

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I realised that I've spent nearly £200 on concerts this year: meaning, I spent the money I should've been saving for New Rocks ;___;
But, another concert added to the list! Dragonforce! I wonder who's supporting - anyone know? It'd be awesome if it was Edguy again, most likely isn't though.. maybe Bloodstock? Maybe.

My friend got me a chain for my birthday. It has Eddie from the Killers album (Iron Maiden!) on it :D I'll probably get pictures after.

It's 4am, I'm too...

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So what are you doing Sunday? Recovering from Saturday..

I've decided to use this as a journal for once..

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Oh yeah, I'm hosted now. (I can link it as much as I want here ;p)

dedicated to brainstew77654 for no apparent reason :o LOLERLERX

yeah, bitch
What I got in the mail this morning. Big thanks to makeslashnotwar for telling me about it in the first place.
Anyway. Concerts(/festivals) I'll be at this year: (Bloodstock Open Air?), Lordi, The Unholy Alliance Tour, Iron Maiden(?).
Say hi if you're in B'ham :D

Exams finish on the 21st by the way - so you should expect me to leave more comments then.. I guess.

My friends list is ridiculous. I don't speak to half of the people on there, and they don't speak to me. I know one hasn't been updated in over a year.
If you're reading this you shouldn't worry though - you actually read this crap! hahaaa
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Tony Kakko


666! The number of the beast!

Guess who's going to see Slayer, Children of Bodom and Lamb of God :D
And hopefully Iron Maiden!

Oh, and my new icon is awesome xD

aaand who's birthday it is on saturday ;)
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Dedicated to the anonymous person who left a comment on one of my old posts yesterday, with a nice compliment.
ha. Not really. I was going to post it anyway.
I'm lyke, so photogentic!111 ¬_¬

I put a new layout up on my website. I worked on it all day, but I like it, alot! It's currently hosted on geocities buut.. I should be getting hosted! Lulu at has offered to host me :D
You should check it out.. and tell me how awesome I am... hahaaa..

As anyone else got an account on add me!

I've still got exams by the way - so don't think I'm going to be hanging around for ages.
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I know all I ever seem to update to say lately is; yeah, I'm still alive.
I do keep forgetting to update this. Or just like to think what I have to say isn't really interesting anymore.

But don't expect me to be around even more now. I've got my first exam in 2 weeks and my last is in.. June? (I'll be revising on my birthday and missing great festivals like Download and Bloodstock!) Besides, my computer keeps acting strange. I think I might just have to buy a new one, or that laptop I've always wanted :D But it's also not letting me load PS because of all this. I miss PS! :(

I'll probably edit this later with something more interesting.
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